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Jon Hunt has worked as a specialist SLT with people with aphasia for 25 years. He has been particularly inspired by the work of Eirian Jones, an eminent UK SLT who developed groundbreaking approaches to therapy targeting semantics, phonology and sentence processing.

The auto-run session

By |2020-03-26T11:26:37+01:00March 25th, 2020|Tutorial|

How to create a whole session that will run automatically at the single press of a button, by creating new exercises or by drawing existing exercises from the library.

The way you pay for Cuespeak is changing…

By |2020-02-03T13:54:05+01:00December 2nd, 2019|news|

We’ve got some very exciting plans for 2020, but we need funds to support their development. Find out how the Cuespeak payment model is going to be changing early next year….

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