Finding the right session for you

It’s now time to create a session that will suit your needs. There are two ways to create sessions:

  1. You can create your own session from scratch.
  2. You can browse the library of pre-built therapy sessions. These can serve as a useful starting point from which to edit sessions for your particular needs.

In both cases you’ll start by going into my sessions and tapping the + button in the top right hand corner, or by tapping the “browse session library” card. (SLTs will see “create new session / user”)

Creating your own session from scratch

To create a session from scratch, select a blank session, labelled in the session library as “Create your own session”.

Cuespeak comes with a range of different therapy modules targeting different aspects of language and communication. Learn how and why you would use them most effectively and explore the settings and configuration options for each one.

The other sessions in the session library have been created as starting points for different types and severities of aphasia. Those numbered 1 are aimed at people with more severe difficulties, while those numbered 3 are for people with milder difficulties.

Everyone with aphasia is different. You all need different therapy, delievered in different ways. Cuespeak was designed with this in mind and adopts a philosophy of configurability. Dive into the sessions and make them your own.

Unlocking The Full Library of Content

Cuespeak comes with a small selection of sample content for you to evaluate the app.

You can unlock the full library of content at any time by starting a free 1 month trial.

To unlock the app, go into the main menu and select ‘your subscription’, or tap any of the ‘unlock content‘ buttons you see when using the app.

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