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This is a brilliant aphasia therapy app and a really excellent resource. It makes a very significant positive contribution to therapy for people living with post-stroke aphasia. It has been comprehensively and thoughtfully developed with an eye to both current theories in aphasia rehabilitation and what is important for everyday communication. I can’t recommend it enough!

SLT, Stroke Specialist Speech & Language Therapist

Most. Up-to-date. Therapy App. Ever.

Dr Abi Roper

Versatility and massive support for SLTs working with Aphasic clients.

I was recommended this app by another SLT. Since then I have not looked back. Jon Hunt the SLT mastermind behind this app has created such an amazing product with such incredible flexibility and enables individualisation for each client. Try it – you honestly won’t be disappointed as an SLT. Encourage your clients to buy but you will need to learn to customise and then send exercise sessions that work at YOUR client level.

Susie Stobes, SLT
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Using Cuespeak app with my dyspraxic patient having difficulties at 3+ syllable word level and set up a package to directly target what he needs – an amazing app for aphasia and dyspraxia – thank you @cuespeak. It’s amazing !!!!! Could not believe I could select so many different elements to target exactly what he needed – I’m in awe!

The Speech Network

A great app for impairment-based speech therapy exercises that is really adaptable. Excellent therapist features including progress reports


Cuespeak is a fantastic, extensive and flexible language therapy tool. We are looking forward to expanding its use with our patients.

Pippa Faunce Smith
NHS Forth Valley

Our SLT team had a fantastic demo of this amazing app today by Jon Hunt. Very versatile, customisable, great for assessment and therapy. Topics are updated weekly so are current and engaging.


I use Cuespeak all the time with people with aphasia and love how flexible it is.

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I can’t stress enough how much I love this app. I have been using it today with a lady with apraxia and aphasia, particularly the “Asking and Offering” module. She was just so excited by how relevant it was to her life! Thank you @JonHuntSLT @cuespeak for making this lady’s day!!

Emma Louise Sinnott, Clinical Academic SLT

Simply amazing. Thank you for this app – used it with so many clients and their feedback has been so positive. Use this more than any other app.

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I just wanted to thank you for your marvellous program. My husband has an ABI, has severe aphasia but, has not lost his intelligence. Your program stimulates his interest – there is no dumbing down. Keep up the good work.

We love the humour in Cuespeak, and the canny way that you get my husband to engage. The latest clip of Trump using Twitter allows us to talk about other social media platforms and the question on Covid, not allowing children to attend school again, stimulated conversation. I also get a real chuckle at your comments on wrong answers.

We really, really appreciate Cuespeak.

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I have been using this app so much in the last 6 months as it’s brilliant and clients love it! The fact that it updates itself regularly with current affairs puts it so far ahead of other apps. Thank you Cuespeak for changing the face of SLT apps! #aphasia #slt #future

Emma Louise Sinnott, Clinical Academic SLT

Cuespeak is an absolutely amazing app! I am an American using this app with my daughter who is 6 with a brain injury diagnosis, even though this app was made for adults in the UK, I can already tell it is going to be a game changer for her. It is both simple to use and engaging for her without being overwhelming.  Seriously, I can see this app being expanded and used for therapy not just with aphasia and brain injury patients, but also people with learning differences like dyslexia. There are so many possibilities here! Thank you to the developers of this app! I will be telling all my followers on social media!

Home user
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A great resource to address Mom’s aphasia and something she can do independently.

Jayne Faulkner

Please spread the word about @cuespeak an AMAZING and complex app made by SLT @JonHuntSLT. Years of work and research based knowledge went into it.

Katie Monnelly, SLT

After a year of being recommended lots of apps for aphasia we found Cuespeak and what a great app it is. Now my husband uses it every day and still finds it helpful. This week an update did not load on our old ipad but after contacting the app makers it was resolved and I received fantastic customer service. Thank you very much, anything that helps after a stroke is always good.

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Thoughtful, theoretically-grounded app; developed in consultation with people with aphasia and trialled by a user group. Regularly updated with new material.

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Inspiring CPD session with Jon Hunt. The Cuespeak app is a comprehensive therapy toolkit which can be uniquely customised for each patient. We are so looking forward to getting started. Thank you for your time, expertise & innovation

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A highly comprehensive Aphasia Therapy App that can also be used for some aspects of Apraxia therapy. The App is highly practical but based on sound theoretical principles

Steve Naylor
App Store review

Genius! I wish I had had this technology 20 years ago! It would have saved days and days of preparation, and I would have reached the answers I wanted a lot sooner! Cuespeak allows me to support people with aphasia in a way that combines functionality alongside the theoretical underpinning of what we know about psycholinguistic processing. I am confident to use it knowing that its creator has an understanding of aphasia that is glaringly absent in other apps I have tried to use. The configurations of activities to target different areas (semantics, phonology, orthography), change levels of processing required, and vary the prompts, are endless, it is worth taking the time to use the settings available -if I can anyone can. Amazingly, the app updates with current affairs and topical themes which makes it engaging and relevant. I use it with clients with additional cognitive difficulties too as it provides structure to enable people to demonstrate competence rather than failure. It is intuitive for assessment, therapy, teletherapy, practice, teaching students and encouraging clients to ‘own’ their therapy – love it love it!

Susie Hayden, Specialist Aphasia SLT

Currently working with a client using Cuespeak and he is so engaged with it that his attention has also improved. Fab app. Introduced to the app through the BAS Aphasia Symposium last year.

Linda Elsey, Stroke specialist speech and language therapist

Hugely impressive… It’s the first time I’ve seen a language therapy app that really makes use of the potential of the technology

Research SLT
City University of London

Cuespeak has become the “go to” app in our team. The contents and design clearly shows the developer understands aphasia therapy and what people with aphasia and their therapists want.

Crucially, the material is interesting and relevant, and a bonus is the addition of some humour. The tasks address a wide range of language and speech processing including semantic judgement, phonological access, orthographic access, sentence construction and speech production. There is plenty of “within task support” if extra cues are required and this contributes to the product resembling therapist delivered therapy. The variety of tasks, including activities that other apps do not address, makes it versatile to use with many patients. The quantity of practice items within each task is impressive and means that boredom is avoided, and a large quantity of practice is easily achieved. The app is easy to use, works smoothly and is visually attractive. Optional video tutorials are provided for each task and patients working independently might use these.

The app deserves 5 stars.

NHS Tayside. Scotland

This app is just what we have been looking for to improve aphasia and limited speech. It’s easy to set up and self explanatory…. I totally recommend this.

Home User
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After using Cuespeak as a Speech therapist I was keen to ensure that the new community stroke team had access to this fantastic app across all of our loan iPads in the rehab unit and into the community. The app has a much more functional feel than other aphasia apps and has a range of tasks which makes it really versatile to use with people with a range of aphasia presentations

Emma Richards, Clinical and Operational Lead, Integrated Community Stroke Service

Brilliant! The most comprehensive aphasia app I have ever seen!

Kit Clewley, SLT
Keep Communicating

Real life sentences and lots of adaptable functions. Love the more “real life” nature of this app as opposed to the usual naming style apps as well as targeting sentence level which not many do. Also nicely intuitive for people with aphasia to follow especially when they make an error as it clearly states this. The new update has lots more ways of helping the client too which is fab. I recommend the app to lots of my service users with aphasia in the community.

Emma Richards, SLT

This is the future now for psycholinguistically-underpinned functionally relevant self or SLT-supported iPad language practice for people living with aphasia

Dr Madeline Cruice, Reader/ AssocProf City, University of London

I love the relevant and up-to-date detail in material available in the Cuespeak app. Brilliant work from @JonHuntSLT

Dr Abi Roper

Excellent app. Very user-friendly and versatile. It allows the user to tailor exercises to individual needs, and as progress is made. The built-in tutorials for the exercises make it perfect for independent use and it’s clear that aphasia and the challenges that people with aphasia face are well understood.

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Very practical, clinically focused and evidence-informed app. I think it’s amazing.

Katie Monnelly, SLT

Such a brilliant app, filled to the brim with brilliant content by @JonHuntSLT @cuespeak.

Willemijn Doedens, Postdoctoral researcher for the Adaptive Language Consortium at the Donders Institute, Radboud University / SLT

This is the best therapy tool I have ever used. The levels, variety, clear pictures and breakdown of material is perfect. I introduced it to my dysphasic client just now and he was beaming with delight. The app both challenged him and gave him material he could do easily. He was delighted to read, select choices and then repeat grammatically correct sentences for the first time in 2 years.

Elizabeth McBarnet