Best Aphasia App!

After a year of being recommended lots of apps for aphasia we found Cuespeak and what a great app it is. Now my husband uses it every day and still finds it helpful. This week an update did not load on our old ipad but after contacting the app makers it was resolved and I [...]

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Excellent app. Very user friendly and versatile. It allows the user to tailor exercises to individual needs, and as progress is made. The built in tutorials for the exercises makes it perfect for independent use and it’s clear that aphasia and the challenges that people with aphasia face are well understood.

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Keep up the good work.

I just wanted to thank you for your marvellous program. My husband has an ABI, has severe aphasia but, has not lost his intelligence. Your program stimulates his interest - there is no dumbing down. Keep up the good work. We love the humour in CUESPEAK, and the canny way that you get my husband [...]

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Totally recommend this

This app is just what we have been looking for to improve aphasia and limited speech. It’s easy to set up and self explanatory…. I totally recommend this.

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A great resource

When access to resources/rehab is limited #DigitalHealth is so important to support patients &their carers.We’ve been using #cuespeak for a while now, a great resource to address Mom’s #aphasia and something she can do independently. #aphasia #stoke #rehabmatters #RightToRehab

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