What is Cuespeak?

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Supercharge your Aphasia Therapy!

Cuespeak is a fully customisable, all-in-one speech therapy app for adults with aphasia and apraxia of speech.

It runs on iPhones and iPads, and requires iOS 12 or greater.

Recommended by the NHS, it can be used in clinic or remotely, with assistance from a helper or on your own.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve had aphasia or apraxia for many years – research has shown that therapy can be effective at any stage.

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Is Cuespeak for you?

Is Cuespeak for you?

Cuespeak can be easily configured to suit any level of language processing difficulty as a result of:

  • Stroke

  • Traumatic brain injury

  • Brain tumour

Get started quickly with the simple, streamlined interface for regular intensive therapy at home

  • Easy to use

  • Run a session at the single touch of a button

  • Tested and designed in conjunction with people with aphasia

  • Designed by a specialist speech language therapist with over 25 years experience

Designed by a specialist

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Why use Cuespeak?

Therapy that grows with you

All-in-one programme for all levels of ability, giving you access to a range of practical exercises to develop:

  • speaking

  • reading

  • writing

  • sentence construction
  • understanding & reasoning

Full of great content that’s engaging and relevant to your daily life

  • Regularly updated content

  • Enjoyable & engaging, with touches of humour

  • Life-like social scenarios

  • Work on language in contexts similar to everyday speaking

  • Based on sound theoretical principles

  • UK-specific content option

Full of amazing content

Share your results and receive updates online

Collaborate online with your therapist or helper

  • Easy to use

  • Share results with your therapist or helper directly through the app

  • Receive new sessions designed by your therapist or helper

Therapy at home

Cuespeak makes it easy to carry out long term, intensive therapy in your own home.

Easily select from a range of professionally created therapy sessions, then adjust them to your exact needs

  • Menu of pre-made sessions

  • Drag-and-drop dashboard for easy customisation

  • Adjust language complexity to suit your needs

  • Share results with your therapist or helper directly through the app

  • Receive new sessions designed by your therapist or helper

  • Offline mode for use on the move

Cuespeak is recommended by the NHS and is used in many hospitals around the world.

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More features

Videos showing words being spoken

Watch videos showing how words and phrases are articulated, broken down into their component parts

  • Sentences

  • Words

  • Syllables

  • Phonemes (sounds)

Results capture accuracy, speed and help received

  • Score summaries and detailed progress history

  • Send scores to your therapist or helper to inform next steps

  • View graphs to monitor your progress

Full progress reports

Help videos included

Easy to use video help on every screen

  • Simple and easy to follow video instruction for every exercise

  • Ever expanding video library with tutorials & trouble-shooting guides

Free trial

Cuespeak is free to download and use with a limited amount of free content. Unlock the full content with a 1 month free trial.

Download your free trial

How much does it cost?

You can access the full content with an affordable monthly subscription.


  • Automatically renews, cancel at any time

1 year licence *

£99991 year
  • Non-renewing, fixed term licence
  • No trial available

* 3 year licence also available

How do I buy?

1) Download the free app to try it out with a limited amount of questions.

2) Start a free 1 month trial to make sure it’s right for you.

3) Use the safe and secure in-app purchase to unlock the full content.

Apple handles all of the financial transactions.

Cancel at any time using Apple’s subscription management.

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