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Turn your iPad or iPhone into the ultimate speech therapy tool for people with communication difficulties after stroke or brain injury

Do you know someone who has difficulty speaking, writing, reading or understanding after a stroke or a brain injury? This is a problem known as aphasia.

Research has shown that therapy for aphasia is most effective when carried out intensively. Whether you’re working in a clinic or on your own at home, the Cuespeak therapy app provides a powerful tool to help deliver therapy with the intensity required to make a real difference.

Cuespeak is recommended by the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) for therapy for aphasia and apraxia of speech.

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Home Users

Find out how to use Cuespeak at home to begin intensive therapy tailored to your needs


Find out how to use Cuespeak to deliver intensive, bespoke therapy programmes to all your clients from a single app

What Home Users are saying about Cuespeak

Introducing Cuespeak

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Configure exercises to suit any level of severity of aphasia, from mild to severe.


Engaging, relevant exercises that relate to everyday communication with humour. Make personalised exercises about you and your life.


As much therapy as you want, when you want it.

Easy to use

Run a complete therapy programme at the press of a single button – no experience of using computers necessary.


All exercises based on up to date aphasia research.


1 month FREE trial, then just £9.99 month for unlimited therapy.

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Contains a Huge library of content

Questions on many topics
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Articulation videos, broken into syllables
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Packed with features

Cuespeak has many features to help you get the most out of your practice. Explore some of our favorites…

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