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Learn how Cuespeak can help manage your caseload and increase your productivity with rapid exercise creation and remote session management.

We know that therapy for aphasia is most effective when it’s delivered intensively, when it’s functionally tailored to the needs of each client and when it includes home practice. (Brady et al 2022). We also know that most clinicians have limited time to devote to face-to-face therapy for people with aphasia (Code & Petheram 2011).

But creating bespoke therapy programmes for clients with aphasia doesn’t have to be time consuming. With Cuespeak you can put together a tailored therapy session in minutes.

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How can Cuespeak improve your practice?

an iPad screenshot showing the Session management screen

as many sessions as you want, for as many clients as you want

Manage your whole caseload from a single device, with as many sessions as you want, each containing as many exercises as you want.

Create sessions in minutes

Create a complete bespoke therapy programme in just a few minutes, allowing your client to carry out unlimited independent practice. Choose from 14 therapy modules, configure them in seconds and combine them into the perfect session!

You can change the sequence of the exercises, add or remove exercises at any point, and even hide exercises temporarily without deleting them.

an iPad screenshot showing the Exercise management screen
an iPad screenshot showing the Sentence Sorter therapy module

Edit exercises on the fly

If you’re running an exercise with a client and you want to change something about it, just tap the settings button mid exercise, change it and return to the exercise in its new form.

personalise it!

Quickly create personalised exercises to work on names of family, friends and significant places. Import passages from anywhere and see them turned instantly into exercises on saying and writing individual words and whole sentences.

an iPad screenshot showing the Scripts therapy module

need some tips on configuring the exercises?

If you need help configuring the exercises, not only is there help within the app, but there’s also a comprehensive user manual on this website! You can also sign up for free online training.

Send sessions over the internet

Managing a client from a distance? You can send sessions and updates over the internet, and they can send you a copy of their session with results.

an iPad screenshot showing the session sharing screen

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