Cuespeak Pro

Learn about Pro, and how it’s different from the App Store version

What is Cuespeak Pro?

Cuespeak Pro is our version of Cuespeak for larger organisations. It is designed to be easily deployed across multiple devices under a single licence agreement. Invoicing and payments use your existing procurement channels.

We can liaise with your Finance departments directly to remove friction and speed the process.

Cuespeak Pro comes with training, support and maintenance guarantees.

We will work directly with your IT team to easily deploy Cuespeak Pro directly to your iPads, saving setup time and other potential frustrations commonly met when trying to introduce technology into any organisation.

How does it compare to Cuespeak?

Cuespeak Pro is available directly from us. It comes with full access to the constantly updated library of content. In contrast, the home user version of Cuespeak is available from the Apple App Store and requires an in-app purchase to unlock the full content.

Cuespeak and Cuespeak Pro work seamlessly together, allowing quick and easy provision of therapy over the internet. They share the same libraries of content.

Cuespeak Pro comes with unique features tailored towards the needs of larger organisations.

What do we need to run Cuespeak Pro?

Cuespeak Pro requires a compatible Apple iOS or iPadOS device, running iOS version 15 or greater.

Your organisation needs to run Apple Business Manager and a suitable Mobile Device Management (MDM) tool. Don’t worry, we’ll talk to your IT team.

How much does it cost?

Please contact us to discuss annual licences, lifetime licences and free at the point of delivery customer licences.

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