Organisation Pricing

All apps that are available on the Apple App Store are bound by Apples’ terms and conditions. Let’s go over these.

Apple’s terms state:

“Individuals acting on behalf of a commercial enterprise, governmental organization or educational institution (an “Enterprise”) may download and sync Apps for use by either (i) a single individual on one or more devices owned or controlled by an Enterprise; or (ii) multiple individuals on a single shared device owned or controlled by an Enterprise. For the sake of clarity, each device used serially or collectively by multiple users requires a separate license.”

So, what does that mean?

If you represent an organisation then the Apple App Store terms require you to purchase a licence for each device.

We don't have the budget to cover a licence for each device. What can we do?

Check out Cuespeak Pro. This version of the app is offered through the Apple Business Manager and gives us the flexibility to offer different licence terms from the version available on the public App Store. We can also offer discounts are higher unit volumes.

If your organisation doesn’t run Apple Business Manager and you download the app through the public App Store, Cuespeak runs a programme to help support health care organisations that would like access to Cuespeak but are limited in their budget. Please contact us for more information.

Can you tell me more about Cuespeak Pro?

Cuespeak Pro is our version of Cuespeak for larger organisations. It is designed to be easily deployed across multiple devices under a single licence agreement. Invoicing and payments use your existing procurement channels. We can liaise with your finance department directly to remove friction and speed the process.

Cuespeak Pro comes with training, support and maintenance guarantees.

We will work directly with your IT team to easily deploy Cuespeak Pro directly to your iPads, saving setup time and other potential frustrations commonly met when trying to introduce technology into any organisation.

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