Meet the team

We’re a small team focused on delivering the best therapy app for you.

Jon Hunt

Speech & Language Therapist, Clinical Director

I am a UK-based Speech and Language Therapist specialising in aphasia. I worked in the NHS for 20 years before beginning work on Cuespeak in 2012.

Robin Keech

Technical Director

I am a developer with around 40 years experience writing code across different technologies. I design and develop the Cuespeak app and keep all our services running.

Jenni Crisp

Speech & Language Therapist

I am a UK-based Speech & Language Therapist specialising in stroke and aphasia. I’ve worked in the NHS for over 30 years, and across a wide range of clinical, teaching and research contexts. 

Our Vision

Intensive, configurable therapy at your fingertips

We want everyone to access the therapy they need, when they need it. 

Some of Our Users

If your organisation is using Cuespeak and you would like to see your logo here, please contact us.

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