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Latest research shows that speech therapy for aphasia is most effective when it is carried out intensively and when it’s personally tailored to your needs. Find out how Cuespeak can help.

what is aphasia?

You know what you want to say, but you just can’t say it. But what causes aphasia?

What is apraxia of speech?

With apraxia, you have the sound of the word in your head but the messages from the brain to the speech muscles get muddled.

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As much speech therapy as you want, when you want it

Stroke or brain injury can have a major impact on your ability to communicate through speaking, writing, reading and understanding. This can be devastating for everyone, including family and friends.

Fortunately, therapy can help.

Research has shown that speech therapy for aphasia is most effective when it is carried out intensively, 4-5 times a week. It’s also most effective when it’s personally tailored to your needs.

But even if you’re lucky enough to be receiving speech therapy, it’s unusual to be able to access this much face-to-face therapy. Cuespeak provides a tool to enable you to access unlimited amounts of therapy designed by specialist Speech and Language Therapists and configurable very precisely to your own needs.

You can even make personalised exercises to work on your own vocabulary, such as names of family, friends and significant places.

Anyone with reasonable vision and hearing can use Cuespeak. The touchscreen interface is highly intuitive, and no experience of computers is necessary. Cuespeak is designed to cater for the needs of everyone, even those with severe communication difficulties.

Ideally Cuespeak should be configured by an experienced Speech-Language professional, but there is a lot of help available within the app to select appropriate exercises if you do not have professional support. Find out more

You will need an Apple iPad or iPhone running iOS 15 or greater. A WiFi internet connection is highly recommended.

– Cuespeak contains all therapy modules “under one roof”, reducing the need for complex navigation.

– Cuespeak moves beyond dry “picture naming” activities to a more dynamic “question and answer” approach that has more in common with everyday interactive language use.

– Cuespeak is constantly updated with fresh material, including material about current world events, keeping the therapy experience in the here and now.

– Cuespeak is by far the most configurable app available, allowing the content to be adjusted very specifically to individual need.

– Cuespeak allows you to create your own personalised exercises to work on material of personal relevance such as names of family, friends and significant places.

You’ll get the most out of Cuespeak if it’s been configured correctly to your particular needs, ideally with the expertise of an experienced speech-language professional. However, we recognise that not everyone can access such help. We have therefore included help within the app to allow non-professionals to select approriate exercises as well as create personalised ones. If you intend to use Cuespeak without professional support, we highly recommend reading the user manual.

Yes, there is an increasing body of evidence that apps can contribute very significantly to the process of recovery from acquired speech and language difficulties.

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Sorry, Cuespeak only runs on Apple devices for now.

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