There is a new payment model coming in early 2020.

In its first two years of life, Cuespeak has had fantastic feedback, both from SLTs and from people with aphasia and their families. We are thrilled by this response, and we have a lot of exciting plans for new modules and features over the coming months and years.

Until now, the development of Cuespeak has been funded by a combination of voluntary subscriptions and a grant from Swindon & Wiltshire Health & Life Science Hub. We are immensely grateful for this support, which has enabled us to make the app available free of charge to those who are unable to pay.

98% of users have taken advantage of the option to use the app for free. Unfortunately the ongoing revenue this generates means that we have so far come nowhere near covering our initial production costs, let alone the cost of further development.

We are committed to taking Cuespeak a lot further in terms of its capability as a therapy tool, and to do this we need to make the project sustainable. After much thought and consultation with users, we have made the decision to end free access, and will be introducing a new payment model in early 2020.

We are aware that this could mean that some users on very low budgets will be unable to access the app. We will be looking into ways of helping people in this position to continue to have free access.

Non-recurring licences

Most NHS users we’ve spoken to have expressed a desire to contribute to the development of the app, but they have been unable to do so via recurring subscription. We are therefore introducing a new option of non-recurring licences of one year or three years. These will be priced at £89.99 and £249.99 respectively.

Recurring monthly subscription

The original option of a recurring monthly subscription will remain. This will be priced at a single tier of £7.49 a month for new subscribers (but see below for existing subscribers). This is aimed primarily at home users, who may not want to commit to a year’s usage, but the option will also be open to SLTs who prefer this model.

What if I’m already subscribing?

There’s good news for existing subscribers. If you’re currently paying the concessionary rate of £3.99 a month, you will continue to have full access to the app with no price increase. And it’s even better news for current subscribers paying the standard rate of £9.99 a month – your subscription will reduce to £3.99 a month, as a ‘thank you’ for your support to date.

Why can’t I just buy the app outright?

Some people have said they would prefer to pay a one-off fee for the app, and we can fully understand the appeal of this. This could work for us if all our new developments were in the form of separate apps, since these would generate new revenue. Cuespeak, however, is committed to remaining a single ‘all under one roof’ app which adds all new modules and features at no extra cost. This model has huge advantages in terms of accessibility, flexibility and efficiency. A one-off fee for Cuespeak would mean no further revenue to fund future developments or maintenance of the existing modules. This would make the app unsustainable.

Will there be a free trial?

Yes, a free 7 day trial will be available. Apple only allow free trials with the monthly subscription option, but there’s nothing to stop you switching to an annual licence before you start to pay.