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Simply amazing… have used it with so many clients and their feedback has been so positive. Use this more than any other app.

SLT, App Store review

Cuespeak has become the go-to app in our team

SLT, NHS Tayside. Scotland

Brilliant! The most comprehensive aphasia app that I have ever seen!

SLT, Keep Communicating

Genius! I wish I had had this technology 20 years ago! It would have saved days and days of preparation, and I would have reached the answers I wanted a lot sooner!

Susie Hayden, Specialist Aphasia SLT

Hugely impressive… It’s the first time I’ve seen a language therapy app that really makes use of the potential of the technology

Research SLT, City University of London

An amazing app that will massively save time and resources

SLT, feedback on workshop

The best therapy tool I have ever used

SLT, N. Ireland

Cuespeak is recommended by the NHS and is used in many hospitals around the world. It’s also used independently by many people in their own homes.

Runs on iPhones and iPads, and requires iOS 11 or greater

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Supercharge your aphasia therapy

Flexible, professional therapy all within a single app

Quick, easy customisation

  • Quick templates. Deep customisation

  • Large library of content, updated automatically

  • Multi-patient support

  • Built-in remote management for easier teletherapy

Professional therapy resources based on sound theoretical principles

  • Designed by a specialist speech language therapist with over 25 years experience

  • Extensively tested and designed with feedback from people with aphasia

  • Clear, clean interface

  • Intensive practice at the touch of a button

Designed by a specialist SLT

What are people saying?

Cuespeak is a fantastic, extensive and flexible language therapy tool. We are looking forward to expanding its use with our patients.

Pippa Faunce Smith
NHS Forth Valley

The fact that it updates itself regularly with current affairs puts it so far ahead of other apps. Thank you Cuespeak for changing the face of SLT apps!

SLT, Twitter

Such a brilliant app, filled to the brim with brilliant content

Willemijn Doedens, Postdoctoral researcher for the Adaptive Language Consortium at the Donders Institute, Radboud University / SLT

The content and design clearly show the developer understands aphasia therapy and what people with aphasia and their therapists want.

SLT, NHS Tayside. Scotland

“I can’t stress enough how much I love this app. I have been using it today with a lady with apraxia and aphasia and she was just so excited by how relevant it was to her life!

Emma Louise Sinnott, Clinical Academic SLT

Most. Up-to-date. Therapy App. Ever.

Dr Abi Roper

Multiple therapy modules, all in one app

The therapy exercises in Cuespeak address the full range of difficulties encountered in aphasia and apraxia of speech, including word finding, sentence processing, auditory comprehension, reading comprehension, writing and articulation.

Most exercises use an interactive question and answer format, meaning that speech and language stimulation takes place in a context which goes some way towards emulating the demands of everyday communication.

There is a range of help available for when the questions prove difficult to answer, including spoken feedback on errors and spoken cues to help elicit spoken responses to questions.

Exercises are highly customisable to individual needs, making them suitable for people with anything from mild difficulties to very severe difficulties.

Questions & Answers

The main word-finding module in Cuespeak, QA contains nearly 2000 questions, which combine two related tasks: a semantic task and a word-finding task. Any element on the screen can be hidden, creating 13 variants (available in settings), each variant placing a different amount of emphasis on the various aspects of language processing, such as understanding spoken questions, reading comprehension, word-finding and articulation, as well as non-verbal semantic difficulties.

Since virtually all people with moderate to severe aphasia have difficulties in at least one of these areas, QA tends to be suitable for most users, and is usually the best starting point in a therapy programme.

As in many of the Cuespeak modules, every question in QA has a button which, when pressed, displays videos showing the articulation of the target word and the word broken down into syllables and the individual sounds.

Sentence Sorter addresses spoken production of sentences, offering a range of options for how to do this.

In its default state (the sentence ordering task) the user hears/sees a question and, below, sees an answer in the form of a sentence anagram which needs to be arranged into the correct order. To make the task easier you can pre-fill specified tiles in the answer. You can even pre-fill all the words so that the task merely requires reading a sentence aloud in response to a question.

To make the task harder you can hide various elements such as the question, the answer and the picture. You can control the number of words in the answer and the complexity of those words from the point of view of spoken production.

Sentence Sorter

Matching Module

This new module allows you to match just about anything to anything. Match spoken words, written words, pictures, articulation videos, first letter, and even sound effects. Control the number and type of distractors you want, and introduce a delay in their appearance to control top-down processing. Limited content at present but more arriving weekly!

As its name suggests, Soundspell is a spelling task which uses units of sound rather than individual letters. For example, ch is treated as a single unit, since it represents only one sound. This format aims to re-familiarise users with the relationship between word structure and sound, since many people with aphasia lose some or all of this ability. It can serve as an effective facilitator for spoken word production, and articulation videos are included to this end.

The sound/letter tiles can also be presented blank, making a sound sequencing task.



Perspectives targets wh-question comprehension with thematic distractors. Research has shown that exercises involving judgements about how thematic roles relate to syntactic roles in a sentence (‘mapping’) can have positive benefits for the ability to produce sentences, even when the therapy does not itself require any language output (e.g. E.V. Jones 1986).

We often focus on a person’s ability to say words without considering the extent to which they have accessed the sound of the word internally. Rhyme Judgement taps directly the ability to access output phonology (or “inner speech”) without requiring spoken output, an important consideration when diagnosing and treating apraxia of speech.

Rhyme Judgement

Asking & Offering

Asking and Offering is designed for practising word retrieval in the context of phrases and sentences that mirror those occurring in everyday conversation. It was inspired in part by Constraint-Induced Aphasia Therapy (CIAT).

Letterspell is a more conventional spelling task – no sounds are heard when the tiles are touched. A point is scored for each correct letter, yielding a sensitive score.



Senfill (short for “sentence fill”) addresses word-finding at the sentence level, the main focus being on verbs.

The user hears or sees a question, and needs to touch the written word that answers that question. The selected word will appear in the context of a spoken and written sentence below. The user then needs to judge whether or not the choice was correct, by touching the check button (the green smiley face). Spoken feedback is given on errors.

As with most exercise modules in Cuespeak, videos are available to help the user to say the target word.

Many people with aphasia have difficulty spelling words but can nevertheless retrieve some information about their written form, such as the number of letters. Focussing on this preserved knowledge can serve as a facilitator for word retrieval in both spoken form and written form. How Many Letters is designed to do this. Articulation videos are available for all target words.

How Many Letters

Syllable Sorter

Syllable sorter is identical to Soundspell (see above) except that the units here are syllables rather than phonemes.

Used by

More features

Articulation videos for sentences, words, syllables and sounds

For each answer you can watch a video showing how that word or phrase is articulated, broken down into its component parts

  • Sentences

  • Words

  • Syllables

  • Phonemes (sounds)

Gather metrics on how well you’ve done and what help you’ve accessed

  • Score summaries and detailed progress history

  • Send scores to your therapist or helper to inform next steps

  • Graphs plot your improvements in accuracy, speed of answer and help received

  • Progress at your own pace

Full progress reports

Help videos included

Easy to use video help on every screen

  • Simple and easy to follow video instruction for every exercise

  • Ever expanding video library with tutorials & trouble-shooting guides

At home therapy

Use Cuespeak at home to continue exercises from in-person speech therapy or to enhance teletherapy. Or design your own programme of therapeutic sessions.

Easily select from a range of professionally created therapy goals to quickly access specially designed therapy sessions, then adjust them to your exact needs.

  • Menu of pre-made sessions

  • Drag-and-drop dashboard for easy customisation

  • Adjust language complexity to suit your needs

  • Share results with your therapist or helper directly through the app

  • Receive new sessions designed by your therapist or helper

  • Offline mode for use on the go

Cuespeak is recommended by the NHS and is used in many hospitals around the world. It’s also used independently by many people in their own homes.

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Cuespeak is free to download and try out with a generous set of content. You can unlock the complete content by starting a free 1 month trial.
If you like what you see, you can access the full content with an affordable monthly subscription.


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Free trial

It’s free to download and use with a limited amount of free content. Unlock the full content with a 1 month free trial.

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