Cuespeak has become the “go to” app in our team. The contents and design clearly shows the developer understands aphasia therapy and what people with aphasia and their therapists want.

Crucially, the material is interesting and relevant, and a bonus is the addition of some humour. The tasks address a wide range of language and speech processing including semantic judgement, phonological access, orthographic access, sentence construction and speech production. There is plenty of “within task support” if extra cues are required and this contributes to the product resembling therapist delivered therapy. The variety of tasks, including activities that other apps do not address, makes it versatile to use with many patients. The quantity of practice items within each task is impressive and means that boredom is avoided, and a large quantity of practice is easily achieved. The app is easy to use, works smoothly and is visually attractive. Optional video tutorials are provided for each task and patients working independently might use these.

The app deserves 5 stars.

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