Genius! I wish I had had this technology 20 years ago! It would have saved days and days of preparation, and I would have reached the answers I wanted a lot sooner! Cuespeak allows me to support people with aphasia in a way that combines functionality alongside the theoretical underpinning of what we know about psycholinguistic processing. I am confident to use it knowing that its creator has an understanding of aphasia that is glaringly absent in other apps I have tried to use. The configurations of activities to target different areas (semantics, phonology, orthography), change levels of processing required, and vary the prompts, are endless, it is worth taking the time to use the settings available -if I can anyone can. Amazingly, the app updates with current affairs and topical themes which makes it engaging and relevant. I use it with clients with additional cognitive difficulties too as it provides structure to enable people to demonstrate competence rather than failure. It is intuitive for assessment, therapy, teletherapy, practice, teaching students and encouraging clients to ‘own’ their therapy – love it love it!

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