Jenni Crisp

Speech & Language Therapist

I am a UK-based Speech & Language Therapist specialising in stroke and aphasia. I’ve worked in the NHS for over 30 years, and across a wide range of clinical, teaching and research contexts.

What’s kept me on this journey is the appreciation that language is our most remarkable and complex skill; it is beautiful, powerful and fundamental to human connection and identity. Language loss or limitation can be devastating. I really value the privilege of forming connections with so many people who are rising to the difficult challenge of living with aphasia with resilience and humour.

I use Cuespeak daily in my NHS role and it has expanded and improved what I can easily, in the context of ever increasing workload and caseload, offer the people with aphasia I work with and for. I often observe patients “leaning in” as they recognise that working in this way is making a significant difference to their language recovery. I have a strong conviction that “dose” is critical and that patients are often not getting anything like enough therapy to achieve meaningful change: I think the provision of personalised, app-based therapy offers the best chance of achieving the amount and intensity required.

I’ve always loved both developing therapy resources and delivering training. I am so pleased to bring these skills to this context and contribute to the positive impact Cuespeak is having, both on the science and art of aphasia therapy, and for those at the sharp end of living with aphasia.

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