Robin Keech

Technical Director

I’ve been trying to make computers do what I want since 1983 when I finally managed to pester my long suffering parents to buy me a ZX Spectrum.

Most of my working life has been focused on technology. I’ve worked in many tech industries over the years and finally fulfilled a lifelong ambition of working for myself in 2010 when I became a consultant. I love the sense of achievement of breaking complex problems into small solvable chunks and building those back up into really useful tools. It’s incredible to think how far technology has progressed since those early days. There are now so many languages, platforms and frameworks to know. It’s a lot to keep track of, but the possibilities are endless.

I’ve also had some fascinating diversions into archaeology, music, environmental conservation and art. I really draw on those experiences to make our technical products more human. It’s been a wild ride!

The best thing to come out of my consultancy practice was meeting Jon. He had a crazy vision for a seriously complex speech therapy application. We worked closely together for around 3 years, transforming early prototypes and ideas into a working product, until the first version of Cuespeak was released in September, 2017. Jon was one of the best clients I had ever worked with, he is hard working, switched on, an expert in his field and has so much passion for improving people’s lives by bringing back their power of communication. With the first release of Cuespeak complete, we knew we wanted to take the app further. It’s come a long way since that first release, and there is so much more to come….

I’m really proud of the work Jon and I have created – it really is the culmination of more than one life’s work. I hope you find it easy to use, beautiful, intuitive and rewarding.

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