Most exercises have a target word or phrase that some people will want to say aloud. Every target word or phrase comes with a set of articulation videos showing the words being spoken, broken down into words, syllables and phonemes (the sounds that make up the word). This is an incredibly powerful resource. Let’s look at how this screen works:

  1. Close-up video of the current sound being spoken. Double tap to increase the size. Double tap again to revert.
  2. Select which part of the word or phrase you would like to practise. This will trigger the corresponding video to play.
  3. Scroll down to see the word or phrase broken into smaller units. Phrases are broken down into phrase / words / syllables, while words are broken down into words / syllables / phonemes.
  4. Control the playback speed of the video
  5. Mute / Unmute the video.
  6. Start an audio recording of your own attempts to produce the target word or phrase
  7. Open the articulation drawer
  8. Exit the articulation drawer and return to the question
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