Module overview

Cuespeak contains fourteen therapy modules, most of which are highly configurable in terms of both format and content.

You can configure exercise format by hiding or showing the different elements on the screen, largely through the use of format presets, thereby changing the nature of the task.

You can configure the content through the use of a comprehensive collection of filters that remove questions which do not adhere to the way the settings have been adjusted.

For details of how to configure each module, go to the main page for that module.

QA: word-finding, semantics

Addressing semantics, word-finding, understanding and reading, QA contains over 2000 questions that can be configured for any severity of aphasia. Multiple choice element uses coordinate distractors (other members of the same category).

QA: word-finding and semantics

Perspectives: contextual competition

Addresses contextual competition in word-finding through the use of contextual distractors, as opposed to the coordinate distractors used in the QA module.

Perspectives: addresses contextual competition in word-finding

Soundspell: spelling with sounds

Works on spelling with sounds. Letters representing a single sound are grouped together and you hear the sound as you place the tiles. This can help with sound processing (“phonology”) and spelling at the same time.

Soundspell: hear the sounds of the words as you spell

Letterspell: spelling with letters

A more conventional spelling task, but with a broader range of formats for building therapy hierarchies.

Letterspell: create therapy hierarchies in a simple spelling task

Syllable Sorter

Assemble polysyllabic words from their component syllables, with a broad range of formats for building therapy hierarchies.

Syllable Sorter: build polysyllabic words from their component syllables

How Many Letters?

Decide how many letters the word has. Taps latent knowledge of spelling.

How Many Letters? Taps latent knowledge of spelling

Rhyme Judgement

Decide which words rhyme with each other. Taps knowledge of the sounds of words without requiring the user to say them – useful in assessing how much of a word finding problem is attributable to motor speech difficulty and how much to language difficulty.

Rhyme Judgement: taps internal knowedge of sounds without requiring speech

Asking & Offering

Puts word-finding into a sentence context. Inspired by Constraint-Induced Aphasia Therapy (CIAT).

Asking & Offering: Word-finding in the context of a sentence

Senfill: verbs & sentences

Focusses on verb retrieval in the context of a sentence. The selected verb is heard within the context of a sentence to allow the user to decide whether the choice was correct.

Senfill: Verb retrieval in response to a question

Sentence Sorter: sentence production

A verstile module for working on sentence production. Includes funtional sentences such as asking questions, and psycholinguistically motivated tasks such as reversible sentence ordering. Allows you to hide or prefill words according to individual needs.

Sentence Sorter: sentence production with a wide range of formats

Matching Module

Allows you to create tasks matching just about anything to anything – spoken words, pictures, written words, articulation videos or environmental sounds. You can decide what type of distractors you want and how many.

Matching Module: match spoken words, writtens words, pictures, videos and sounds

Wordfinder: search for any word/name

Allows you to select any word or phrase from the Cuespeak library, including a choice of thousands of people’s names and place names. Make exercises to work on both articulation and spelling, choosing from a wide range of spelling tasks. If the name you need isn’t there, you can request for it to be added and you will be notified when it is (usually within a few days).

Wordfinder: choose any words from the library, including thousands of people’s names and place names

Talking Points: conversation starters and more

Get people talking with conversation starters, quiz questions and semantic feature analysis, all in one module depending how you configure it.

Talking Points: Conversation starters, quizzes and semantic feature analysis


Enter your own text and pictures into Scripts and see them turned automatically into exercise scripts to work on saying and/or writing them, with support from spoken words, written words and videos.

Scripts: use it for telling stories, practising speeches or anything you want!
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