Switch with real words, 3 phonemes

The Switch module allows the user to practise recognising which part of a word needs to change in order to arrive at a different word. The aim is to develop awareness of word sound structure for the purposes of self-correction of word sound errors.

To find the Switch module, tap “add new exercise”, then tap the “Word Sound Structure” tile. Or you can just type “Switch” into the search bar.

Switch is based on a therapy technique devised by the legendary UK Speech and Language Therapist Eirian Jones to work on self-correction of “phonemic paraphasias”. The user hears a word and sees it written. A picture helps to clarify the meaning of the word. The user then hears a second word, which differs from the first by just one sound. The task is to identify which sound needs to change in order to arrive at the second word. Drag the orange tile onto the sound that needs to change. If correct, the word will change into the second word, which then becomes the first word in the next question.

Various types of help are available:

  • Tap the button beneath the pictures to hear the sounds of each word separately and sequentially
  • Tap the video button to see a video of the two words being spoken
  • Tap the letter tiles to hear the sounds of each

Configuration options include:

  • Work on non-words, to avoid being able to solve the problem purely on the basis of memory of the written forms of the words
  • Change the number of tiles by switching to 2 or 4 phoneme words (or non-words)

If you choose non-words, videos will appear instead of the pictures.

Switch with non-words, 3 phonemes
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